Smelly old man that works in the sewers


An older man who always wears a hat. A jack of all trades it would seem.


He’s taught the Illiumites everything they know.

He acted as an efficient decoy many times for the party as they made their way up the Ivory Tower during the Rhyparian assault.

He later revealed that he is more than just some guy who trained them in the sewers. He took off his hat to show a very enlarged cranium … so it would seem he’s not exactly human. What little he did say about himself was that he was a “watcher”.

He seemed to randomly appear in the Ruins of Azulkhaz as the party was in the Guardian Chamber. As Corin was leaving, Dumwipe casually addressed him by name.

The man known as Dumwipe goes by many names these days. He eventually gave up his birth name due to a combination of the passage of time (as none of his peers who knew him as Brother Morel live to this day) and divine insight to the role he plays in Auolun’s History. He is one of the Divinely Annointed to be living chronicles of Auolun’s People and History. To a point, he and his peers are vastly self-aware.


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