Vigilant of the house Sideria, has risen to become Sideria herself


A pretty girl cloaked in a frost-covered robe. Despite the warm weather, her breath always plumes out in a frigid whisp.


She was the Vigilant of the House of Sideria. She found Aurenko to be terribly handsome, and dote on him past the point of his comfort.

During the siege of the Etherian Colossus on Five Isles; she, in a powerful show of force, shot out from the city like a bolt of lightening, attacking and taking the Etherian Colossus out of commission.

She has shown a mastery of power that the other four Royal Families can not equal. She declared the Houses of Opex, Valadmon, Rhyathes, Ptyeradactimus as men with god-masks, and has chased them out of their thrones appropriately – declaring them as rightfully hers.


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