Obnoxious son of Capitan Rudolph. He caught you "red" handed.


a short, fat, arrogant boy with an annoying voice to boot. Red is a jerk-face that made it into the Town Guard on Assignment Day – a fact he has lorded over everyone every day since.


Red is your age and his dad runs the town. In his youth, Red found this to his advantage, and now that he is a town guard himself, he sees himself even more important, and deserving of anything that supports this truth, even if he has to make it that way.

With the promise of putting in a good word on your behalf to his dad for a better job, Red peer-pressures the group to wander into the well and retrieve a totem for him out of the Well. He locked the door behind them and ran off to tattle on the party – which resulted in the lot of you getting the shittiest job in all Etheria (pun intended).

After you helped him get up to the top of the Ivory Tower and heroically lit the beacon(and despite his father’s reprimand), he got you guys in trouble AGAIN for the simple fact that you were commoners on top of the Ivory Tower. He led the parents of the party and his own father Content Not Found: rudolf north for sentencing before the Court of Five Islands.

In the wake of destruction and chaos of Five Islands and it’s surrounding cities, Red led a small band of rag-tag commoners south for the safety that Rhyparia was temporarily allowing. He has not been seen since.


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