Prophet of Xaviliax and leader of the Ascent Cult


An ornately dressed elf with short-cropped hair. He wields a spiked chain at his waist.


The Prophet of Xaviliax and leader of the Ascents, Valgas did his part in helping the Celestial War against a Great Darkness. In response to the news that the Paladins of Taeloc were meeting in one place to plan how to destroy the Ascent followers, he had their meeting place sundered from under their feet. Xaviliax had told Valgas that he wanted Brother Morel for the War. So Valgas set up a forced meeting, bringing with him The Crucible of Xaviliax. With the Crucible opened and Xaviliax reaching out to receive Brother Morel, Taeloc saved Morel from Xaviliax’s clutches. Taeloc, with one swift swing of his sword, split Valgas from shoulder to nave. Taeloc had Valgas thrown into the Hole at Phistine, along with the Crucible.


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