Ruby Greatsword


weapon (melee)

This Claymore has a blade made of pure Red Ruby, but is as hard as adamant. It’s blade gives of a subtle but intense glow and spark, as if challenging anyone bold enough to use it.


The Ruby Greatsword was forged at the Obsidian Band in the flames of the Firewall by Taeloc himself after confiscating the Ruby Morningstar, Bow, War Hammer, Staff and Dagger from Coreth Larellon and Zag Hoshat. Because of this, it is said to be the sum of those weapon’s power tempered with the intense fury of the Firewall.

He then kept it in his possession until the Gold Dragon Draaldrun (whom his wife had taken a liking to) had come of age and became the Head Priest of the Order of the Blessed Mother. At first, he treated it as his most prized boon, but with age, Draaldrun came to revere the greatsword as a Holy Symbol (It is for this reason that to this day, the Order of the Blessed mother’s symbol is of a Gold Dragon with a sword gripped in it’s hands and feet).

Draaldrun was in his twilight, and in his final hours he sealed the Greatsword at the front of the Order’s sanctuary. The seal was said was said to look like a two-headed wyvern cast in Gold and Silver, coiled around the sword. It was said that the seal would turn it’s head and watch as people approached and passed the sword. All along the the dragon’s flanks was inscribed:

Mortal of destiny, harken
O’ one with eyes, not darken’
Draw nigh unto this Claymore
to make our enemy nevermore.

After a great many centuries sealed away, it was finally drawn by Wadsworth Lionheart, a human, who shortly thereafter slew Dremverthicha with it, and fled the islands as an unintentional criminal.

By a divine miracle, Lionheart washed ashore in Rhyparia and devoted his service to the Thelmaniosites of Highland Rhyparia. There he befriended Rhyathes, who fought alongside him and used the sword to fell the Red Dragon: Agkest. Rhyathes later used the sword to slay Vathamut, the last Great Queen of the Mutes, which began the Great Silence, which was far worse for the Mute than it had been in the War of Mortals. Rhyathes paraded around and borrowed the sword to show off to the people the sword he had used to slay the Mute Queen – because of this, people mistook Wadsworth for Rhyathes’ sword-barer.

When Wadsworth saw the prideful depths of Rhyathes’ heart, he fled with his sword, and lived under an alias the rest of his days. He passed the sword down to his eldest son, who passed it down to his, and so on and so forth.

It’s current custodian’s whereabouts (as well as the sword) are unknown, but he is presumed dead.

Ruby Greatsword

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