Tag: Dragons


  • Order of the Blessed Mother

    The Order that upholds the [[:blessed-mother | Blessed Mother's]] wish that the dead be led unto the afterlife. They are all but unknown to the world, and they live in their holy land, an unknown island far in the Aestsea, that they call [[Quietus]] (a …

  • Quietus

    The Island in the most remote parts of Aestsea. It is here that the [[:blessed-mother]] led a group of mortals, who eventually called themselves the [[Order of the Blessed Mother]], bearing the last three Gold Dragon eggs.

  • Peogalith Isles

    These islands are too far in the north to be habitable by most of the races of [[Auolun]], except for those adept at enduring the punishing temperatures. Seasonally, Fire and Frost [[Dragon|Dragons]] call this region home.

  • Blisterfrost

    The continent that comprises [[Auolun|Auolun's]] southern pole is called the Blisterfrost, and is the land bridge between [[Tasmyrul]] and the Rhyparrian Peninsula. It is home to Auolun's largest lake: The Eye of Topaz. It's sweltering summers and …