Tag: Tesartur


  • Mossen Heights

    !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/293824/SilverCherry2.jpg?1391836535(SilverCherry2.jpg)! Off the eastern coasts of [[Tesartur]], the small continent known as the Mossen Heights is an ecological wonder. Often called the …

  • Tasmyrul

    The eastern-most continent of [[Auolun]]. It is divided into two regions: [[Amatreos]] (north of the [[Obsidian Band]]) and [[Tesartur]] (south of the Obsidian Band). It is connected to the [[Blisterfrost]] on its southern-most region.

  • Asif

    A town that has sprung up around the warm oases beneath the slopes of [[Zajarmal]]. It's vagabond residents are known for being as merciless as the sun on the sands.

  • Mouth of Storms

    On the eastern slopes of [[Zajarmal]] of south eastern [[Tesartur]] is a giant, deafening chasm known as the Mouth of Storms. Out of it billows deep rumbles and thick clouds. From it pours fourth a river known as the [[Tongue of Storms]], which empties …