Tag: Town


  • Etheria

    Nestled in the foothills of the Caren Mountains, it is the southern-most city of all [[Illium]], and is the starting point of this campaign. Etheria cropped up roughly 400 years ago as the hometown of the guards at [[Ivory Tower]]. Etheria's town square …

  • Britzenwood

    A town on the northern border of [[Ilandwood]], 27 miles west of the [[No-Tell Hotel]]. Britzenwood is largely a farming community. There is a guard outpost within the town, but by in large, it's members know everybody in town, and gossip spreads fast …

  • No-Tell Hotel

    A small village that sprung up around a successful Hotel about 8 miles north of Etheria. It has primarily functioned as a stop for merchants on their way to [[Dawrin]], [[Britzenwood]], [[Etheria]], or the Nobel Estate. Secret HQ for the Illiumite …

  • Quietus

    The Island in the most remote parts of Aestsea. It is here that the [[:blessed-mother]] led a group of mortals, who eventually called themselves the [[Order of the Blessed Mother]], bearing the last three Gold Dragon eggs.

  • Asif

    A town that has sprung up around the warm oases beneath the slopes of [[Zajarmal]]. It's vagabond residents are known for being as merciless as the sun on the sands.

  • Steadmoore

    The first Peregrit Port town on the south western end of the Damardea Peninsula in [[Tasmyrul]].