Church of Taeloc

Founded by King Artherion at the second meeting of the Guardian’s Council in the Second Age, it’s members were first known as the Paladins of the Guard. Their ranks were the hand-picked warriors of the Guardians, and their original purpose was to hunt and kill the rogue Mute outside of the Illium valley who were causing trouble abroad, but their focus expanded as history marched on. For many years, they traveled abroad hunting the Mute and living off the lands.

In the early years, the Paladins were a large success. Hunting Mutes often meant they were at odss with Atmika and Dark Eyes agents. Over the course of time, they began to notice that the Mute were using the old Hives as strongholds.

They planned a large assault on the Hive Jrgantish in the wastes of the Blisterfrost, and the night before, their leader Therret had a dream. A boy with platinum hair and white gilded leather armor warned him to withdraw to the mountains and dig. The leader ignored his dream, only to find a new demon emerge on the battleground: the Mind Hounds (working name, see Skaard for details on the Mindhounds). In the presence of these beasts, the paladins would inexplicably drop dead. They fell back and met Taeloc, who arrived with his servant Calekith (whom the leader recognized as the boy from his dream). Taeloc chastened them and told them there were ores in the Scranshal with which they must craft armor. Armed with this knowledge, the paladins made their way back to find the ores, to which they were successful. With this new armor, the paladins sieged Jrgantish with Calekith at their side. They laid waste to the Mute, and Calekith gave them instructions to utterly dismantle the Hive. When the Skaard inside attacked, Calekith and the Paladins engaged it, and tore it limb from limb from limb. Many men died that day, and Calekith, under Taeloc’s authority, charged the paladins to hunt out and destroy the demons that walked the land. And from that day they were no longer the Paladins of the Guard, but of Taeloc.

King Elpren established a town where the ores had been harvested and named it Phistine, which became the Paladin’s base of operations. It was also here that the Paladins made their first church unto Taeloc.

In the final days of the Second Era, the Church of Taeloc, famously, was involved with the falling of Phistine. In the wake of Taeloc’s justice upon the city, humanity’s worship of Taeloc and the Blessed Mother rapidly diminished, as did the esteem of the Church. The Church survived as an order by becoming less theistic and more philosophical and judicial within the communities they were present in.

On the south-western coast of Mossen rests a monkery who are devout and true to the old Taelocian ways, and while quitely recognized by the formal church, are the only true, pure-bred Taelocian Paladins left.

Church of Taeloc

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