On the Rhyparrian Peninsula of the world of Auolun, is a region known as Illium. Illium is the sheltered, prosperous and fertile valley-land nestled between the Caren Mountains to the East and west (think of the mountains making a ‘V’ shape wgere the land of Illium is inside the v ). On it’s northern boarder is the city of Five Islands, the Capitol of Illium. North of that is the Bay of Silence. It’s southern-most city is Etheria, and is the start of this campaign. Illium is the self-proclaimed pinnacle of Human civilization.

In current events, a colossal structure burst from the ground under Etheria (destroying it), and proceeded on a rampage of destruction throughout all of Illium. It camped outside of the City of Five Islands, barraging it daily until Sederia came flying out of the city like a bolt of lightning, leaving the colossus in ruins, and it’s crewmen scattered. Illium is now focusing on rebuilding it’s empire.


Five Islands
No-Tell Hotel


The Wastes
Bay of Silence


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