The Nularehon are the sentient flying jellyfish of the Mossen Heights. Their blood pumps with Arcane energies, and they use these energies to cast a variety of spells.


They are short-tempered with outsiders, and will attack at the slightest provocation.

There are countless types of Floating Jellyfish in the Mossen Wilds, and genetically, they are all the same species. Jellies reproduce by a type of Strobilation, and when they spawn, they will release one of four zygotes: a bell, a tendril, a gas-sack or a neural cluster. Any time a neural cluster pairs with another zygote, that pairing will turn into a Nularehon. Nularehon have an established caste society determined by how many zygotes they developed with, and their hierarchy is as follows. Nulareket are at the top of their society, who had all four of these zygotes combined in their infancy. Floating jellies known as Nularevet have a neural cluster plus two other zygotes and are of a lower cast than the Nularehon. Floating Jellies known as just the Nular have a neural cluster paired with one other zygote, and are of the lowest cast. Neural clusters that do not pair with another zygote either die by starvation or at the hands of the indigenous beasts in Mossen. As far as Nularehon are concerned, any floating jelly that didn’t develop with a neural cluster is a wild animal.


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