The savage people of the Orcish Badlands in Rhyparia, Urukand and Fahrardot to the East, are the Uruk – or Orc in the Common tongue.

They are easily identified by their bulky bodies, green to earthy skin coloration, the boarish tusks that protrude from their lower jaw, and their almost insatiable appetite for war. They battle to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs … which is just about everything.

They will kill elves on sight (their gods have a tense history).

Orcs speak their own language; which, when transliterated, is very simple and lacking some grammatical components that Common speakers find essential, but the barbaric orcs get by on it. Not surprisingly, Orcish has an extensive vocabulary in regards to battle and all things that relate.

The Orcs in Urukand have an exceedingly violent history of wars with the Peregrit and Obberat people dotting the western coast. Once Agkest was slain, the Orc tribes that had run these wars became terribly disorganized and lost much of their lands.

Rhyparian Orcs have long vied for the Gijakudob Mountain Range, which Phistine is located on, for generations.

Tasmyrulean Orcs

Notable Orcs of History:

Blogpaug – Blood Drinker


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