Taeloc's Hand of Justice


A young boy with platinum hair, armored in white, gilded leather and brandishing a thin, masterfully crafted sword. Were it not for his attire, and piercing eyes, one would have no reason to find him more intimidating than any other child.


Also known as Anamahyanda (the Doom Blade), Seldorava (the Child of Mercy), Gnyjaloc (Wrath [Tae]loc), Artfoshnu (Gold Child), Vindictiel, The Flying Sword of Taeloc and many others; Calekiþ is a divine being, and the right-hand of Taeloc. To the righteous, he is symbolic of Taeloc’s mercy, power and zeal; yet to the wicked, he is the reaping of their wicked acts and the shadow of death. Taeloc often sends him to dispense justice, or prevent a particularly grievous injustice with a generous hand of wrath. Because many an orc have fallen at his sword, Aigdursil, he has earned the ire and fear of them; but in truth, he does not hate orcs. Because he is blindingly swift, some have said he perceives time to pass at a half pace. His plans and actions are thorough and well considered. He has spoken at length with the Church of Taeloc and is highly revered by them; and while his master hates them, Calekiþ pities the Dark Eyes ( but that has never been known to stop him from doing his lord’s will).

It has been said that in the beginning of the Great War, Taeloc’s fervor for justice was so intense that he often dispensed justice on the rebels as much as the Mute. This upset the Blessed Mother, and so ever since, Calekiþ was sent in his stead for all things, and not another mortal saw Taeloc until Draaldrun was given the Ruby Greatsword, but the wider-world didn’t see him until the Fall of Phistine.


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