Diggory Lionheart

War mage


The pure-hearted Diggory Lionheart. Always the type to try and make the best of any situation, he did his best to right the wrongs of his childhood. He befriended a rare Firemoth, named Cat’r’pee, which displayed undying loyalty to him. That back-fired tragically, so the boy wised up and tried to get as many fugitives out of Illium as he could.

This is when his leadership skills really started to shine. It took him, his rag-tag bunch, and a man named Rhysenn a couple years to work their way to Phistine. It became quickly apparent to Diggory that the people of Phistine were as-much-so ass holes as those running Illium.

He had dreams in his heart to have his own Wingship built some day. But one day in Phistine, he witnessed a poor gnome about to be killed in the place of another man. His efforts to save the gnome only succeeded in aggravating the local authorities, and Diggory received a killing-blow to his right temple. His body was loosely wrapped and tossed into the Phistine Hole. Cat’r’pee dove into the hole to save his falling body, but returned empty-legged, and held close to Aurinko.

Diggory Lionheart

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