War Queen


An unusually beautiful female Mute.


The Mute woman that, with your help, destroyed Etheria and most of Illium. She and her Mute followers have gone into hiding.

She was born a little over 400 years ago, just before the end of the Mute Age. She was born destined to inherit the throne, and oversee her people. Her mother’s last act was to seal her away, safe from the murderous humans. She lay cocooned for 350 years, slowly going mad from starvation, isolation from her people, and being torn from her throne, until some unknowing youths accidentally broke her seal, releasing her.

She began her plan by recruiting as many Mutes as she could come across, and she always won them over quickly.

She seeks to regain her throne ans reestablish the global mute communications and take back the world she was born to rule.

War Queen

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