A dark and mysterious deity worshiped by the ancient Cult of Ascent


A form that seems to contain the vastness of space and stars.


Xaviliax is the underdeveloped demi-god of a destroyed planet. He is the divine equivalent of an aborted child of a cracked-out mother. With his essence shattered and unable to die, he is truly the saddest and most dangerous thing in all Auolun. His hunger for souls is insatiable as he is instinctually compelled to become complete.

When he first crashed on Auolun countless millenia ago, the Isthul were the first of his essence to rise from the wreckage. The Mute came forth from his essence as well. Many fragmented, insane shards of his essence rained on Auolun as well, and some still roam the farthest and darkest corners, compelled to feast on souls.

Xaviliax approached the Elf Valgas and lied to him that he was a Commander in a war of the Heavens, and was recruiting mortals to the cause. Xaviliax gave Valgas his Crucible, an ornately gilded Chest, and hid himself (Xaviliax) inside the chest. Every so often, Xaviliax would yank a person into the chest and devour them – body and soul, while everyone outside rejoiced that they had been deemed worthy.

The god Taeloc saw through this rouse and bound Xaviliax and tossed him into the Hole of Phistine.

One wandering fragment of Xaviliax, languishing for sustenance, issued forth a being from it’s essence fearsome beasts known as the Mind Hound.


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