A standard Attamikarri

The small Turtle-like people call themselves the Attamikarri. History remembers them as the Atmika. These were the Mouths of the Minds, the Mute, and their name certainly reflects that. They were discovered long ago by the Mute to be able to faintly perceive Mute thoughts and conversations. The Mute took advantage of this, and utilized them as tools to give the dumb beasts of Auolun more direct instruction. With the dissolution of the Mute civilization, they hid themselves in the quiet corners around the world, distrustful of the common races, tried to live unassuming lives, and some held hope that their old masters might one-day return.

Attamikarri are not born with their telepathic abilities, but grow into them with age. They grow up learning and speaking language, but once they develop their telepathy, they use it exclusively unless absolutely nessicary. It is because of this that the Atmika have socially developed the attitude that language is a childish thing, and have a pompous sense of superiority around anything that requires language to meaningfully converse. Never the less, they acknowledge it’s function, as in the Second Era, it was necessary for giving names to Mute technology, concepts and individuals to the lesser races of Auolun. The language they used is virtually dead now, and they are the only ones left that use it. But the few that know of their continued existence and have heard it call it Turtspeak.

Two of the most note-worthy Atmika are Mesmer and Nuuk. Mesmer was the priestess of an ancient Atmika clan in Ilandwood that faithfully awaited the day for a Mute Queen to return. With that prophecy come to pass, she is now the personal Attamikarri of the War Queen.

Nuuk was abandoned as a young turtlet, and so is very self-sufficient individual. After his parents were killed, he lived many years without seeing another of his kind. He wandered the world in search of the ones that killed his family, but also very exciting for him to see the many wondrous things in the world. His language developed on it’s own, so when he stumbled upon the small clan in Illandwood, he had a hard time integrating into his race’s society. He always seemed to prefer language to telepathy. It was also his first time being exposed to the religious fanatics awaiting the return of the Mute Queen, and some of the things they propounded about the Auolun didn’t seem to click with his experiences in the world.

Common/Useful Phrases in Turtspeak

Toe’tmgindawo i wo-to nak.

Nahgt. Attaseinemnah e nem-to nidintulugal.

Tanat-gi’rri taginda ht’us ga ka sei u nak mi iizaru.

Takanem nook. Taokarridattanem wo ga to’ginda-twint’ki i wo. Toe’tmniwo.

Taidattawo-ya? Seinem toe’tmniken.

Eehinemna det.

Toe’tm roseinemuh nahet Woto eehir.


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