“A wondrous people, communication is their greatest strength, and their frailest weakness.”
Ehden – the Angel of Knowledge

A Mute, at first glance, looks like a tall, severely malnourished humanoid. They have one set of arms and legs, and terribly pale skin. Their face is mouthless, and their eyelids close vertically, with squid-like irises. Having no mouth, the only way they can ingest nutrients is through their feet. They are skiddish and herbivorous by nature. Males and females (though rare) can be identified rather easily, as males are typically taller than females, and females have breasts.

In society

Mutes are utilized through out the world for slave labor, since they are dumb, barely mindless beasts. Illium’s major export is Mutes, and they have done an excellent job over the last 400 years keeping a firm hand on all the female mutes in the world.

In the wake of the Etherian Colossus, it was discovered that said Colossus was under the control of a group of Mute. Members of the Etherian party will know that it was an ancient Mute City that the War Queen had recently seized, and used to destroy much of Illium.

Etherian PCs Knowledge

Players will know that the Mutes have the potential to be very intelligent, telepathic beings. However; as a race, they are dependent on their Queen to enable ANY kind of communication amongst them. Once a connection is made, mutes have the ability to converse with any other connected Mute – without consideration of distance – perfectly. That is to say, that the expression of the thought is perfectly received and understood as intended. The Mute decided that the only way they would communicate with any other race is through their personal translators: the Atmika.

A small band of Mutes rally under a single female mute known as The War Queen, whom the PCs had accidentally released some years earlier. She manipulated them to resurrect her ancient city, which Etheria had been built upon. It went on a rampage, destroying much of Illium, until Sederia attacked it with an awesome show of force.

Post-game Reveal

Dynamics of the Mute Age

There are many factors that contribute to understanding the Mute and the keys of their success, and the build up to their fall.

Hive Mind * lots of info here
Mute Queen *
The War Queen *
The Mute Age
Mute Tech

Mutes in the Human Age

In the wake of the tragedy that was the end of the Mute Age, humanity took the Mute as loot of their victory.

Forced Breeding

The War Queen’s Plans

The War Queen is compelled to return her kingdom to it’s former glory over all the other races of the world. Her actions are motivated not only by revenge for the kingdom stolen from her but also to re-assert her (and to a lesser extent, her people’s) dominion over the earth.

Her first effort will be to add as many eligible Mutes to the collective. The more she has, the more eyes, spies and saboteurs she has in different places of the world. They will also boost to her ability of Psychic Dominion, when she feels like using it.

Since the biggest weapon the races of Auolun had against the Mute were the Gold and Red Dragons, her most delicate effort will be to eradicated the Red Dragons (since the Gold have gone “extinct”. And to the Queen’s knowledge, they truly have). She hopes to achieve this by dominating a couple lesser dragons (metallic and chromatic) and turning them against the Reds. She predicts that the reds will gather an army of their own dragons, and whatever the outcome of the war – the Reds will be weakened enough to the point of domination or even death. Once that is out of her way, little will be able to stop her.

She will also remember the stories of the Ruby Circlets that the ancient savages wore to nullify Mute Dominion. If she can find those, she will destroy them.


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