Asis is a nectar with a strong, musky scent that is produced by a Mute Queen that (when ingested by another Mute) catalyzes the telepathic connection that all Mutes are dependent upon. Each Queen produces a unique Asis, with a unique color property to it. The first Mute Queen, as mute lore holds it, was Gold.

In the golden days of the Mute civilization, there was enough surplus Asis, that it was common to see shallow pools of Asis in Mute cities – and this was a practice they held well into the Fifth Age until the Second Sundering of the Minds. Mute need to ingest Asis regularly in order to maintain the telepathic link.

The coronation of a Princess into her Queendom is heralded with much ceremony, and she is officially considered the Queen once she has ingested the Asis of of the previous Queen, symbolic of taking on herself all the telepathic connections the passing Queen oversaw.

During the Third Era (See: History ), The Ancient Queen It’thaqzagar fed Asis to the mortals that feared a rebel uprising, and these became known as the Dark Eyes. Asis in Auoulian beings endowed an arcane supercharge, which they used to hold back the onslaught of the rebelling masses.

It wasn’t until the Fifth Age, when a human king was meeting the Mute Queen Mehathzher, that five of the King’s Generals, were dared to ingest the foul smelling Asis.


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