Auolun is the name of the planet on which this story takes place. It has nine satellites in all: Bob, Novis, Athas, Aztera, Starbor, Nypus, Sardis, Purevast, and Lightcrest. Time on Auolun is tracked by 12 lunar cycles of Bob (no relation to Bob, the lesser deity), which make a year.

Despite the relative closeness of an Auolun year to our own Earthly-years, seasons on Auolun are stretched over several years – 25 for each season, to be exact. This makes for scorching hot summers and frozen-solid winters. With few exceptions, the inhabitants of the world cope with these hot/cold spells via migrating to ancestral underground bunkers or cities in more-hospitable climates. Some races (Dragons of Fire and Frost) even migrate TO these more extreme locations, accordingly.

The Sentient races have adopted a unified system to establish chronology in their history, newspapers, etc. The standard format is: Month/Date/Year/Season/Annal. The 12 months have been established by Bob’s lunar cycles, the date is one of the 30 days withing Bob’s cycle, a year is a period of time in which 12 months have passed, the Seasons change roughly every 25 years and are abbreviated (H=Heat, C=Cooling, F=Frost, W=Warming), and Annals represent a full cycle of the four season (or 100 years).

Auolun has a gaseous ring that wreaths it. Because of this ring, solar wind and radiation that pummels the planet is defused to the poles – making for “slightly” milder winters and hotter summers on the poles. On the other side of that coin, light is defused from the equator, which has made for a mild, multi-seasonal paradise-like band around the world. There is one time in the middle of Spring and Autumn where the gaseous ring actually focuses the incoming sunlight, having an effect similar to a magnifying glass. The eons of this seasonal burning at the equator has created an Obsidian Band which circles the whole of Auolun.

Of the known world, the Rhyparian Peninsula, home of the Illium Valley, is west-most. To the south are the Orcish Badlands, while further south are the Scranshal Mountains, home of the historic city of Phistine. South of of the Mountains is considered the Blisterfrost, home of many monsters and Dragons. The Blisterfrost comprises the majority of the Southern Pole, and his home to Auolun’s greatest lake: The Eye of Topaz. To the east is the great continent known as Tasmyrul, and its southern borders connect with the Blisterfrost.

Tasmyrul is home to many Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes and Halflings. There are also many dragons that frequent the continent. Tasmyrul is divided along the equator by the Obsidian Band, and the regions north of and south of are called Amatreos and Tesartur, accordingly. Just off the eastern coast of Tesartur is a large and mysterious island known as the Mossen Heights.

The ocean North of Tasmyrul is known as Perunda, and is home to the seasonal Dragon islands: Peogalith. East of Tasmyrul is the Aest Sea. To the west of Amatreos (and north of Rhyparia) is the Indellion Sea, while the gulf creating the western coasts of Tesartur, the Blisterfrost’s northern shores and eastern Rhyparia is the Gulf of Gleash. West of Rhyparia is the Carciss Sea.


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