Mossen Heights


Off the eastern coasts of Tesartur, the small continent known as the Mossen Heights is an ecological wonder. Often called the Land the Time Forgot, it is populated by beasts of myth, and countless undocumented creatures. It is a harsh land, and the only known settlement is a small village on the south-western coast without a name.

The warm northern coasts are peppered with sandy coastlines due to generations of land shrimp sifting through the soil. Despite being called shrimp, they are anything but, and are an exotic delicacy in many lands. There is a much larger version of land shrimp which is large enough to be utilized much in the same way as a horse, and the locals have tamed a small number.

But Mossen’s claim to fame derives from the flora and fauna that reside further inland. Beyond its steep mountains, a special family of mosses have developed. When they grow old and die, instead of becoming chaff, they become ridged like bone. This allows more moss to grow on top of the bones of it’s ancestors, and after millennia of this process, inland Mossen has developed into a multi-layered maze of moss. Both beautiful and treacherous.

Much like a coral reef, life in Mossen has adapted in a wide range of shapes and colors to fill every niche in this ecosystem. Most famous of the life in Mossen are the Flying Jellies. These gas filled giants float aimlessly through the wide and sun-filled open spaces of Mossen, enticingly lie upside-down in its fields, or dangle their tentacles over ledges as a noose. The tales of Mossen, if they are to be believed, also tell of deadly and fearsome jawguar fish the size of a bull, giant two-headed centipedes that could chew an orc in half, a wide range of land-Nautilus, and Montapits that will slowly devour hapless victims.

Mossen Heights

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