Mute Queen

The Mute Queen is the one that holds the entire mute race together, enabling and acting as a hub for all Mute telepathic communications. A Mute Queen is differentiated from her kin in appearance (a much more voluptuous and womanly appearance) and in the production of Asis from her hands. A Queen benefits from a prolonged lifespan, so much so, it is rumored that they are immortal.

A Queen-to-be is known as the Princess, and a Princess appears every eon or so from random Mute parents. When she is born, she is indiscernible from other, normal Mutes. She is not realized as Queen-material until she starts to produce her Asis. Each Princess must go through a chrysalis stage, after which, she is physically and psychically mature to take on the responsibilities of Queendom. The Princess is officially a Queen after a ceremony in which she ingests the Asis of the previous Queen.

The Queen is also protector of her kind. She has the ability to Dominate a foe, where she will harness the psychic energies of her people (as much or as little as she needs, up to all of them if she deems so) – putting them into a trance-like state. She then overwhelms the mind of the one she wishes to Dominate. She then controls them as a puppet. Some powerful foes require vast amounts of psychic energy to dominate, the most demanding of which, are the Red and Gold dragons.

The oldest known Queen to have a name was It’thaqzagar the Tyrant, and was killed in the Great War of the Third Age. She was hastily replaced by the last reigning Queen, Mehathzher, who was also called Anagalmesh. She ruled from some 2000+ years before she was assassinated by the five generals of Rhyparia (who were later known as the Royal Generals of Illium).

The Queen that would have taken her place was stunted in the growth of her chrysalis-stage by the Royal Generals of Illium. 400 years after they did this, she finally escaped. Enraged at her stolen crown and the treatment of her people in the land of Illium and the world around, she began an insurgence. She would go on to be called the War Queen.

Known Queens in History

It’thaqzagar (it-thack-zah-gar) – The Ancient Queen
Mehathzher (me-hat-he-zer) – The Last Great Queen
Ligish – The War Queen

Mute Queen

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