Affectionately referred to as the “Phistine Hole” by outsiders and those with crude-mouths, Phistine is a metropolis huddled around the historic chasm, said to be created in the wake of an ancient god’s judgement. Geographically, Phistine is located between the Orcish Badlands and north of the Blisterfrost.

Phistine’s layout is unique in that the vast majority of it’s population is subterranean, many of it’s inhabitants valuing the wall of the hole as cremé real estate.

As a metropolis, Phistine is a large and complex place to describe. For the sake of simplicity, this description will start with a brief synopsis of the physical hole, and move on to the Top layers of the city and work it’s way down.

Those interested in keeping in good standing with the local authorities should consult the page that covers Phistine’s Big Book of No-Noes.

The Phistine Hole

The Old Chapel

City Guard


The Phistine City

Hasstad District

The Crixusean District



The Slums


Authors’ note to PCs there is SO much fun in Phistine that we have yet to discover! It’s almost overwhelming at times!

that’s what she said!

Sit tight as Jordan and Ian pound out Phistine’s details =-) you guys are great PCs!


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