The Stump is the only thing that remains of Planet Xaviliax. Countless eons ago, the long dead Xaviliaxean people mined their planet’s resources until nothing was left of of the planet but a husk, the old stump from which the life on the planet had once arisen, and the planet’s core. A meteor crashed into the hollow planet and it was sundered.

The stump and the core (intertwined) were the single largest mass remaining of the planet, and several alien lifeforms clung to them for dear life as it spun wildly through space. Until at last it crash landed on the young planet Auolun, creating the modern day Illium Valley (might make the crater the Eye of Topaz in the Blisterfrost). The fragmented, insane Xaviliaxean essence spilled out of the wreckage and over time, alien lifeforms of the Xaviliaxean essence arose on Auolun. Beyond their bizarre anatomy, Xivilliaxean beings have unique and atypical means of communication, often neglecting sonic frequencies all together. This has led many of the Auolean races to understand these creatures as telepathic, which is not entirely true.

The first lifeforms were the Isthul. Then were the [[

Other lifeforms accounted from the stump are the Ilithids, Chokers, Cloakers, Chuuls, Ettercaps, Ethereal Flitchers, Otyughs and Gricks to name a few, tho rarer species are suspected …


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