The gods

The following are the olde gods of myth and individuals of their pantheon that have names.

Second Age Pantheon

In the wake of the Great War, the gods were all too real.

Deity Alignment Domain Symbol Organized Worshipers
Taeloc LG Tempest and Justice Crown, Scale, Dawn and the Sun Church of Taeloc
CalekiĆ¾ LG War and Mercy Short sword Church of Taeloc
Ish N Death and Peace An All-seeing Eye
AreneoĆ¾ CN Trickery Two hands, with one palm up and one down Turners
Blessed Mother CG Light Circlet, Silk Scarf, Dusk, the Moon and Stars Church of Taeloc, Order of the Blessed Mother
Aruca LN Nature and Hope Pruity Tree Driuds of the Singing Trees
Ehden NG Knowledge Phospazite Book, the Sky Disciples of Fist Mountain
Agaphas LG Life and Love Plow, Hammer, Two Rings

Third Age Pantheon

Just about every race has a patron deity, and there are several other deities alongside them. Here are some of them.

Zag Hoshat – The God of the Orcs

Coreth Larellon – The God of the Elves

Romodin – The God of the Dwarves

Geomyr – The God of the Gnomes

Aledart Undercleave – The God of the Halflings

Artherion – The God of Justice

Bob – The God of Dumb-Luck

The gods

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